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Easy Wood Block Flag Banner

This project was inspired by THIS ONE I made last year. I decided to try my hand at creating something with a more primitive look. Primitive and classic has always been my favorite theme for summer holidays. There just seems to be a lot of nostalgia during the warmer months.

Primitives usually have darker shades of color with a nice rustic feel to them and that is what I wanted to make sure I captured with this little banner. Keep in mind you could use scrap wood or even pallent wood to create this look too. Or if that isn’t available I provide these KITS IN MY ONLINE WOOD SHOPPE


I began by pre drilling my hools evnly across the bottom of the board. Five for 5 holes, or however many you decide touse on you own creation. And a single hole at the top of each trim piece.

Once drilled it’s time for paint. I chose classic patriotic colors but truly this could be modified for any look.

These colors were super bright for my liking so I applied a quic coat of my DIY COFFEE STAIN (TUTORIAL HERE) just to tone these colors down to a more primitive look.

See how much more rustic they look now? I’m in LOVE!

Once dry I used some copper wire to attach my trim pieces to the top. I simple twisted the ends of the wire together and left them on the front side. I felt this added to the rustic feel I was going for.

Nect came embelishments. I used some little wooden stars I had on hand. I believe I snagged them from the Dollar Tree last year. I only had two but I like working with odd numbers sooooo I used one as a template to trace and cut out a few more from old book pages.

For a hanger I intertwined some copperwire and a piece of burlap. Ties each end and hot glued them to each end of the top board. Sorry I forgot to picture this step.

To finish off this look I decided a light sanding would add just the perfect touch.

And just like that, an adorable primitive and patriotic banner for your door or anywhere else in your home! I would recommend sealing with a laquer if you plan to hand this outside.


If you loved this project check out this SCRAPWOOD AMERICAN FLAG

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