No Sew Patriotic Pillow from A Dollar Tree Chair Cover

I am con­tin­u­al­ly look­ing for rea­sons to vis­it the Dol­lar Tree…well who am I kid­ding I don’t need a rea­son. But yes­ter­day I just had the urge to craft and cre­ate some­thing. Do you know the feel­ing? I walked in to the store with a plan to find sup­plies to cre­ate a wreath and came out with this Dol­lar Tree chair cov­er and an idea for a patri­ot­ic pillow.

dollar tree flag chair cover


-Dol­lar Tree Chair Cover

-Antique Wax by Waverly

-Old Pil­low or Polyfil

-Hot Glue + Gun


-Jute Twine (option­al)

I have the video tuto­r­i­al ready for you on Face­book if you would like to see the process, but for now I can say, don’t walk, RUN to your local Dol­lar Tree and snag one of these chair cov­ers for your next patri­ot­ic DIY.

antique wax by waverly

The chair cov­er comes out of the pack­age with vibrant red, white and blue col­ors. My per­son­al style is very mut­ed and neu­tral so I decid­ed the best course of action would be to age the fab­ric a bit.

There are oth­er ways you can achieve this look but I pre­fer the sim­ple Antique wax and water method. 

antiqueing the dollar tree chair cover

I used a baby wipe to spread the antique wax along the fab­ric of the chair cov­er. I did find it a bit eas­i­er to blend the wax after spray­ing the fab­ric with some water. You could use a spray bot­tle or damp­en it under the sink facet and ring it out. 

I sped up dry­ing a bit with my heat gun. If you decid­ed to take a gun to the fab­ric don’t hold it in one spot for too long, it’s bet­ter to keep the heat mov­ing to pre­vent the fab­ric from burn­ing. Of course, if you have time to lay it flat to dry you could also opt for that method as well.

Once the chair cov­er is dry, you’re ready to stuff!

This step is prob­a­bly the most sat­is­fy­ing sim­ply because you get to see your cre­ation come to life! I had an old throw pil­low insert that I was able to dis­as­sem­bled and use its stuff­ing. Grab an old bed pil­low or poly­fil for this step.

Once your pil­low is stuffed to your lik­ing it’s time to seal up that open edge. I did this using hot glue. You can sub­sti­tute that for fab­ric tack, vel­cro or sew the seam shut. I like to keep things sim­ple so hot glue it is!

For the fin­ish­ing touch on our Dol­lar Tree chair cov­er turned patri­ot­ic pil­low, I added some cute lit­tle jute pom poms using the same method as this cute lit­tle DIY Pom Pom Pil­low (HERE)

Thats it y’all! You would nev­er even guess that this used to be a Dol­lar Tree chair cov­er would you? Incor­po­rat­ing DIYs into your home does­n’t have to be com­pli­cat­ed or over thought. I have so many DIY Patri­ot­ic decor ideas you can find (HERE)

dollar tree chair cover turned patriotic pillow with pom pom details


patriotic pillow from dollar tree chair cover styled in rustic home

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