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Beautiful Scrap Wood Projects for Your Home

Here on the farm we have a never ending supply of scrap wood. This makes it my go-to choice for inspiring you to make beautiful scrap wood projects for your home. We live several miles from town so it’s not easy to hop in the car to go decor shopping, plus I enjoy getting my hands dirty while making something myself. Do you feel the same way? Insert the scrap wood pile. Here is my (un)official definition: a pile of wooden goodness just begging to be beautiful again!

I am definitely that person that sees an idea on Pinterest and I go ohh yeah I could make that! Then it gets saved onto a board along with tons of other amazing ideas and I can never decide what or where to begin.

No more pin and forgetting my friend. Today I want to encourage you to rummage through the garage or better yet BUY A SCRAP WOOD MYSTERY BOX from my online wood shop. I have shipped hundres of boxes with unique scrap wood that is amazing for making trays, signs, shelf sitters and more!

Whether you have a massive wood pile you need to dwindle down or just a little itch to make something beautiful for your home, I am certain you will find some amazing ideas from this collection. Enjoy and let’s get our hands dirty!

4×4 Succulent Planter

Succulents are just meant to be displayed in a simple container. I love the simplicity of this 4×4 block that could easily be created with this block set

Love this project but don’t have a wood pile of your own?

Wood Block House Shelf Sitter

This is one of my favorite projects to date. I plan to make one for all seasons and holidays, yes I am so serious! Once you learn my secret weapon for acheiving this perfectly chippy look you will going crazy making these adorable little houses. BUY THIS KIT or read the tutorial for dimensions.

What if I can’t cut angles on my own? Grab a pre-cut kit from my shoppe!

Wood Lanterns

There are so many uses for this cute lantern. Style it with a vignette, use it as a center pieces, style it on your hearth or even use it on the porch. Oh that reminds me….I think I might need one (or ten) more of these! The wood cuts are laid out very simply in this tutorial or you can BUY A KIT HERE

Pallet Wood Wall Decor

This particular project speaks right to my heart and I know it will to you as well. It meets all of my checkmarks: Pallet wood, check! Thrifted ladle, check! Beautiful, check! You can grab pallets from your local grocery or just about any business that receives large freight shipments.

Scrap Wood Vent Hood

Scrap wood projects don’t have to be small. We decided to spruce up our farmhouse kitchen using wood from an unsightly built in from the living room. There was way too much good wood in that scrap pile to go to waste ant that’s when my brain went into over drive! This kitchen update literally cost $0 because….scrapwood.

Cutting Board

This is brilliant and the epitomy of a trash to treasure. Not only is it beautiful, but it also now serves the purpose of serving food, which brings people together. Insert all the heart eyes, smiley face, feel good emojis. This is a great idea if you are confident with a jigsaw and want to flex your muscles with a easy to use power tool.

Scrap Wood Lamp

This is an abmitious project but wow is it unique! Want to make something like this lamp? Here is my thought. Practice your circle cutting jigsaw skills AND use the scrap to build a lamp. Did I just see a lightbulb? Haha Pun intended. No seriously, I think it’s a great idea. Use this concept and run with it using any shape!

Scrap Wood Corbels

Y’all this one stopped me in my tracks. There is nothing more beautiful that a chippy corbel. I am drooling over this project. By the looks of this you would never thing this started as a few simple 1×4 scrap wood planks.


pinterest image with text beautiful scraepwood projects you should be making right now

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