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Beautiful Scrap Wood Projects for Your Home

Here on the farm we have a nev­er end­ing sup­ply of scrap wood. This makes it my go-to choice for inspir­ing you to make beau­ti­ful scrap wood projects for your home. We live sev­er­al miles from town so it’s not easy to hop in the car to go decor shop­ping, plus I enjoy get­ting my hands dirty while mak­ing some­thing myself. Do you feel the same way? Insert the scrap wood pile. Here is my (un)offi­cial def­i­n­i­tion: a pile of wood­en good­ness just beg­ging to be beau­ti­ful again!

I am def­i­nite­ly that per­son that sees an idea on Pin­ter­est and I go ohh yeah I could make that! Then it gets saved onto a board along with tons of oth­er amaz­ing ideas and I can nev­er decide what or where to begin.

No more pin and for­get­ting my friend. Today I want to encour­age you to rum­mage through the garage or bet­ter yet BUY A SCRAP WOOD MYSTERY BOX from my online wood shop. I have shipped hun­dres of box­es with unique scrap wood that is amaz­ing for mak­ing trays, signs, shelf sit­ters and more! 

Whether you have a mas­sive wood pile you need to dwin­dle down or just a lit­tle itch to make some­thing beau­ti­ful for your home, I am cer­tain you will find some amaz­ing ideas from this col­lec­tion. Enjoy and let’s get our hands dirty! 

4x4 Succulent Planter

Suc­cu­lents are just meant to be dis­played in a sim­ple con­tain­er. I love the sim­plic­i­ty of this 4x4 block that could eas­i­ly be cre­at­ed with this block set

Love this project but don’t have a wood pile of your own? 

Wood Block House Shelf Sitter

This is one of my favorite projects to date. I plan to make one for all sea­sons and hol­i­days, yes I am so seri­ous! Once you learn my secret weapon for acheiv­ing this per­fect­ly chip­py look you will going crazy mak­ing these adorable lit­tle hous­es. BUY THIS KIT or read the tuto­r­i­al for dimensions. 

What if I can’t cut angles on my own? Grab a pre-cut kit from my shoppe!

Wood Lanterns

There are so many uses for this cute lantern. Style it with a vignette, use it as a cen­ter pieces, style it on your hearth or even use it on the porch. Oh that reminds me.…I think I might need one (or ten) more of these! The wood cuts are laid out very sim­ply in this tuto­r­i­al or you can BUY A KIT HERE

Pallet Wood Wall Decor

This par­tic­u­lar project speaks right to my heart and I know it will to you as well. It meets all of my check­marks: Pal­let wood, check! Thrift­ed ladle, check! Beau­ti­ful, check! You can grab pal­lets from your local gro­cery or just about any busi­ness that receives large freight shipments. 

Scrap Wood Vent Hood 

Scrap wood projects don’t have to be small. We decid­ed to spruce up our farm­house kitchen using wood from an unsight­ly built in from the liv­ing room. There was way too much good wood in that scrap pile to go to waste ant that’s when my brain went into over dri­ve! This kitchen update lit­er­al­ly cost $0 because.…scrapwood.

Cutting Board

This is bril­liant and the epit­o­my of a trash to trea­sure. Not only is it beau­ti­ful, but it also now serves the pur­pose of serv­ing food, which brings peo­ple togeth­er. Insert all the heart eyes, smi­ley face, feel good emo­jis. This is a great idea if you are con­fi­dent with a jig­saw and want to flex your mus­cles with a easy to use pow­er tool.

Scrap Wood Lamp

This is an abmi­tious project but wow is it unique! Want to make some­thing like this lamp? Here is my thought. Prac­tice your cir­cle cut­ting jig­saw skills AND use the scrap to build a lamp. Did I just see a light­bulb? Haha Pun intend­ed. No seri­ous­ly, I think it’s a great idea. Use this con­cept and run with it using any shape!

Scrap Wood Corbels

Y’all this one stopped me in my tracks. There is noth­ing more beau­ti­ful that a chip­py cor­bel. I am drool­ing over this project. By the looks of this you would nev­er thing this start­ed as a few sim­ple 1x4 scrap wood planks. 

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