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How to make DIY Coffee Stain

The list of things I want to try to DIY is long, and I have always wanted to make my own stain. Now there are plenty of methods out there for making stain and I am sharing how I have decided to make my own. It’s chemical free and all the ingredients can almost exlusively come from your kitchen.

Needing ideas for how to use this beautiful wood stain?

Look at this amazing aged effect on this wood block craft.

Ingredients Needed


  1. Pour about 2 cups white vinegar into jar
  2. Add a your steel wool. I am using 2 pieces The more you add the darker the stain
  3. Add a 2 Tbsp coffee grounds to the jar, tighten lid and shake.

Allow the stain to sit in the jar for AT LEAST a week, shaking once a day. The longer the stain sits the darker it will become. Based on my research, when applying the stain it will appear much lighter at first and darken as it dries. The vinegar helps develop the tannins in the wood (a fancy word for chemical makeup) causing the colors to become rich and smooth when applied.

I am super excited to watch this project develop. Follow me over on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for updates on this process! Made with love, Kaycee

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    […] by staining your wood. I am using my own DIY STAIN, and allow to cry to the touch. This particular stain is much thinner than a retail stain and drys […]

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