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Decorating from the Pantry

Being stuck at home really makes you evaluate the things you have right in front of you. Your decor for example. Maybe all this extra time at home has brought your attention to areas of your home that could use a refresh. Sure you could do a little online shopping to pass the time, but how about we raid our kitchen cabinets for FOOD…yes food, but were not eating it, we’re decorating with it! Enjoy this collection of creative ways to use pantry items in your decor!

To kick off our collection is this amazing display of glass jars, candles, lentils, rice and bay leaves! How stunning! I love this collection and can definitely see myself putting these to work in my kitchen.

This dried corn garlnd may be off season but it’s a good once to tuck in your back pocket for those fall months. It’s beautiful, full of color and oh so festive!

This could perhaps be my favorite way to dry herbs on the counter! Not only is is useful it doubles as an adorable accent peice on the countertop! Bonus, you have fresh herbs within arms reach!

Artichokes are a show stopper for sure. You may be less likely to have these laying around but I definitely think you could grab a few on your next grocery run. I am working on a tutorial to show you how you can dry your own so stay tuned! Place them in a wood bowl or glass jar and you’re set!

I love practical and funtional decor and these glass jars do just that! Keep your dry good in place and display them on your counters or even an old hoosier cabinet. Easy peasy and as beautiful as they are practical!

Maybe you have some extra herbs you could put to use in a cute homemeade herb wreath. It would be a pretty way to display your herbs inside and you could simply pluck what you need…or dont and just enjoy its simple beauty.

Cinnamon sticks are an obvious choice to incorporate into your decor. Most of the time they get their glory around the holidays but I say drag them out and use them for a beautiful primitive flare to your space.

When life gives you lemons…put them in a jar of course! Sliced or whole lemons look beautiful paired with fresh flowers on your table! Lemons are another one of those obvious choices from the kitchen but I couldn’t leave them out!

Apples is something we always have on the counter. I loved how these are being used as candle holders rather than just sitting in a bowl. How creative this could be for a romantic night in, or just to fill your house with a warm homey scent.

You can never go wrong with a beautifulo set of apothcary jars. Keep your past fresh and on display in a lovely set of jars. How simple!

Y’all I hope you found this collection as inspiring as I did. These times of being at home can really bring out our resourcefulness. Use these ideas to freshen up your spaces and let me know how your incorporated them!

Made with Love.


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