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Easy Ink Transfer Using Parchment Paper

I have always want­ed to try my hand at trans­fer­ing images via wax or parch­ment paper. All I had on had was parch­ment so thats what I used and I am pleased with the result. Was is per­fect? No, but for the the look I want­ed per­fec­tion did­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly mat­ter. I am not claim­ing this is THE best way to trans­fer images, I am sim­ply shar­ing what I did to achieve this look.

I start­ed with a piece of parch­ment paper I cut just small­er than the size of a piece of card­stock and taped them togeth­er.

Next, I print­ed this print­able AVAILABLE BELOW. It’s back­wards so it trans­fers cor­rect­ly onto your sur­face. It is impor­tant to use an inkjet print­er for this step.

Once print­ed I placed the image face down on my sur­face, taped the edges and rubbed the image, ink side down, with a flat edge.

Peel back your parch­ment and your ink should remain on the sur­face. Allow to dry for about 10 min­utes and seal using mod podge.

I used this trans­fer on an easy DIY book hold­er for my kitchen.


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