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DIY Wood Bead Tassel

I am always looking for home decor to create on my own. Don’t get me wrong I love doing all types of crafts but I especially love the ones I can display in my home year round. This is exactly what this project is perfect for!

Start with a piece of hemp twine about 18 inches or so, and tie it to make a closed loop.

Gather various styles of ribbon, cut at random lengths. They don’t have to be exactly the same lengths but I do recommend keeping them somewhat similar in length.

Lay your collection of ribbon across the portion of your hemp where you created the knot.

Next, gather your ribbon around the hemp and tie using another smaller piece of hemp twine, wrapping it around the ribbon a few times for a gathered look. Tie securely and snip off the excess.

As you can see its really tarting to take shape. Adding the beads will give it just a little extra touch. Grab 3 different beads and thread them onto the hemp from largest to smallest.

Loop your hemp around your finger to create a knot just above your last bead. This will keep your beads secure.

That’s it! Style your new tassel on door knobs, lamps, vases or even hand from your ceiling fan! It’s the perfect embellishment for your existing decor!


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