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DIY Wood Block House

I have been seeing these adorable little wood block houses everywhere! They usually have a number on them or a cute little saying and I have simply fell in love! I finally dropped a hint to the hubby to make me a few to play with and here we are!

I started with a basic wood block with the edges chopped off to make a pitched roof. It was about 10 inches tall or so. Nothing too big since I planned to use it on a side table or bookshelf. And a the words “Home Sweet Home” printed on regular printer paper.

Begin by flipping your paper word-side down and tracing your block. Be sure you lay your block face down when tracing.

Once you have trace your block, cut out your template. This probably the hardest part of this whole project! Now is when the real fun begins!

Cover the front surface of your wood block house with a nice layer of mod podge and press your word template onto the mod podge, smoothing from the center toward the edges.

Pro Tip

Do not worry about the bubbles in this step. Once it dries they will not be visible.


Apply another coat of mod podge to the surface of the paper and allow to dry for 30 minutes or until the paper feels hard to the touch.

After allowing the mod podge to dry completely I grabbed my sand paper and went to town on the edges and the surface to start the distressing. This step is my favorite because it is when the house really starts to get its character! The amazing part is, once you begin distressing you can’t even tell that its paper! It looks VERY similar to chippy paint, which if you know me at all, is my favorite look of all time!

This next step is completely optional. I had some stained scraps from a previous project that happened to make the perfect off-set roof. I am thinking paint sticks may be a good alternative if you don’t have a roof readily available.

Simply hot glue them to the top of your little house! And adorn with a MINI MAGNOLIA WREATH How stinkin cute! I think it added the perfect little touch!

I simply adore how this little project turned out! It’s super simple to make, can easily be changed up based on the occasion and the best part is it required no paint or vinyl!


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  • Reply
    Christy Sprinkles
    at 3:00 PM

    What is the font that you used? Is it available in Microsoft Word

    • Reply
      at 8:01 PM

      It’s called The Skinny by Cricut

      • Reply
        Christy Sprinkles
        at 8:13 PM


        • Reply
          at 8:14 PM

          You’re welcome!

  • Reply
    Patricia Allen
    at 8:39 PM

    Kaycee is it difficult to line the print up?

    • Reply
      at 1:09 PM

      Not at all!

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