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Easy DIY Miniature Magnolia Wreath

This little project was literally what one might call a “happy little accident” Making a mini magnolia wreath was not really where I was headed with this one. I was sharing a DIY Wood Block House on a Facebook Live when I realized my original idea for a mini wreath was turning out to be a complete fail.

It was the that I was left no choice but to think on my feel with what I had in front of me and boy did it turn out cute!

Start with a small piece of floral wire. In my case I recycled some tiny scraps of wire from a previous project. I wrapped it around my first two fingers a couple of times and removed it to bend out the shape of a circle.

I had some greenery handy, so I plucked some little leaves from the faux branches.

Take your tiny little leaves and hot glue them around the wire circle, overlapping them ever so slightly.

Repeat the overlapping process until you completely cover the wire.

Attach to a cute wood block house using hot glue or even use as a napkin ring!

Would you like to try one for yourself? Snag your own piece of reclaimed wood right HERE


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