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Fall Front Porch Styling Tips

I am knees deep in transforming different parts of the homestead into beautiful fall bliss. My mantle is finished and pumpkins are scattered through the living space. Next up on my agenda is the front porch. My porch area, in this home, has always presented itself to be challenging ans sometimes pricey to decorate. For one, I am not in love with the exterior colors of the house, and the budget doesn’t have room for a fresh coat of paint, let alone all-new siding. Soooo, all my worries aside, I plan to do my best to lighten up the space around my front door without breaking the bank.

What I quickly discovered in all my hours spent filtering through ideas on Pinterest is that the possibilities are truly endless. I am excited to take you on this journey of porch discovery so maybe we can work through our decorating hang-ups together!

I have gathered some different ideas and elements that can easily be incorporated on your porch to create that perfect welcoming vibe.


I love this look simply because it’ not over the top and they used the rockers they already had on their porch. Decorating your porch for fall does not have to be a complete overhaul. Simply adding to the existing elements is a good way to achieve a pulled-together look on a budget.


Sometimes just getting back to the basics is all you need. This display is simple yet says “hey, I’m festive” I have great respect for those that can see the beauty in a simple creation like this. I tend to want to go overboard, so this is a reminder that sometimes less can in fact be much more.


Just look at those baskets!!! Baskets add just the right amount of texture and details to this muted space. Oh my goodness this is brilliant! Search through the house for baskets, wicker, wire, metal…use what you have to bring your look together without going wayyy over the top.


Okay, so maybe pumpkins just aren’t your thing. Or maybe they are not readily available where you’re from. The solution? Fall foliage! Just loo at that gorgeous mixture of rusty cascading colors! For an impact like this, definitely veer away from the “less is more” concept and just let the foliage flow! Let the natural grade of your front steps be your guide for arranging and placement.


I just love the feeling a cute little sign adds to an entryway. It instantly adds character and charm to this simple fall display. Again, not over the top but it gives you all the fall feels before you even step inside.


Friends I encourage you to never underestimate the power of a comfy blanket. And oh my goodness the simplicity! Grab a throw blanket or even a blanket scarf from a local thrift store to add to a bench or rocker. It’s an instant way to add a touch of charm and coziness to you porch.


Growing up, going aue-naturale was the only way we decorated our front porch. It was the sure way to achieve a classic fall look without the hefty price tag. Check out a local farmers market or as a farmer for their leftover stalks and bales to recreate a natural fall scape for your porch!


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