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Easy DIY Vintage Farmhouse Pumpkin

I must warn you before you read any fur­ther. I am hard core about some fall DIY over here at R+R late­ly. It tru­ly is my favorite time of year, now through Christ­mas real­ly. Some­thing just clicks in my brain and I lit­er­al­ly can’t turn it off. Every where I look I find inspiration.

In a recent trip to the Good­will I came across a knit­ted scarf and BOOM it hit me. I decid­ed right then and there I was gonna cov­er a pump­kin with this cute scarf. It had an old timey, vin­tage feel and it fit per­fect­ly with my exist­ing decor.

I snagged an infa­mous carv­able pump­kin from Dol­lar Tree, spray paint and a small stick and I this idea was ready to come to life. 

Start by remov­ing the stem from the sty­ro­foam and spray paint your foam white. This step can be skipped all togeth­er if you’re using a col­or oth­er than white. I per­son­al­ly did­n’t want the orange show­ing through. I some­how missed pho­tograph­ing this step.

After the paint is dry, sim­ply cut out a square por­tion of your scarf or fab­ric, place the pump­kin in the cen­ter and gath­er tight­ly at the top.

Tie nice and snug with a piece of twine, rib­bon or flo­ral wire.

To add a lit­tle extra bit of detail, I hot glued a raf­fia bow on the front and put a stick in the cen­ter of the gath­ers at the top, also secur­ing with hot glue. 

I am tick­led with the out­come of this adorable lit­tle thing. Style with my DIY Can­dle Ring, this white knit scarf pump­kin goes per­fect­ly with my exist­ing vin­tage farm­house style.


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  • Debbie wiseman
    at 5:09 PM

    I cut a hole out of the top of mine and stuffed the left­over mate­r­i­al in the pump­kin and then stuffed a stick in it.

    • roostandrestore
      at 6:14 PM

      That’s a great idea!

  • Christine
    at 5:09 PM

    Great idea.
    We like to see a live on how you made the dis­tressed pump­kins from Dol­lar Tree