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Dollar Tree Haunted House

Y’all know how much I love me a good Dollar Tree DIY. Maybe what you don’t know is growing up we didn’t have a lot of money. Often the dollar tree was our go-to spot for decor and household necessities. I learned my frugal-ness from my mama. Today’s DIY was extra fun because it happened on a whim, with my mom!

We enjoyed some fun mother-daughter time over a cute haunted house crafted from Dollar Tree supplies. It started with a piece of metal from a broken sign and a wooden dollar tree haunted house.

I stained the wood using Minwax Espresso and, using mod podge, I applied orange polka dot scrapbook paper to the backside to add a pop of funky design and color.

Next I simply flipped the haunted house over and hot glued it to the metal. I angled it slightly to give it a little extra detail.

I had a cute sparkly little Halloween pick, also from the Dollar tree, that I disassembled using wire cutters. My mama helped to to arrange and hot glue the picks next to the wooden house.

After the picks were hot glued, I used a bit of spray adhesive and Spanish Moss to cover the hot glued end of the picks.

For a little added touch, I colored a few Dollar Tree wooden pumpkin stickers to sprinkle among the moss.

And for the final and finishing touch….duh..duh..duh…a full moon! A haunted house wouldn’t be complete without a full moon! Am I right? In this case, our moon was made by cutting a traced circle from a free paint chip!

And just like that, with a few dollars and the help of my mama, I have an ADORABLE haunted house!!!


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