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Upcycled Jar Craft Room Storage

Do you just ever accidentally make something awesome. Yeah, it doesn’t happen often for me either but when it does…ohhh boy it makes me happy! Something else that makes my heart happy is cleaning and organizing. This fun little fact about me is NOT very apparent if you look at my craft space! Something about seeing all my treasures strewn on the table and be surround my all my collections in my office inspires creativity in me. It’s literally the one place in my home I don’t mind being messy. The only problem is never being able to find anything when I need it…sigh.

So, in effort to bring at least a little bit of order to my crafting craziness, I started gathering all my scrap pieces of fabric, ribbon, jute ect. and stuffing them in a pickle jar I had saved for another project down the road. When I sat the jar to the side I had to take a second look…I was like, “whoa that’s pretty cute!” This is where this idea blossomed, this could be a cute and functional solution to my mess!

Start with an empty glass jar, some scrap pieces of fabric or ribbon…you name it.

Remove any labels from your jar, and make sure the inside is nice and dry.

Then stuff with all your scraps!

Seriously, it’s that easy!

Just look at how cute all those colors, patterns and textures look in that upcycled jar!

I decided this could be my new landing spot for all my paintbrushes that are scattered everywhere.

Then I hot glued a scrap-bow to the front to finish it off.

How stinkin’ cute is this? I love the fact that it is functional and looks adorable holding all my scrap pieces that I can’t part with! Not to mention it doubles as storage for my brushes! I call that a win-win!


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