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The Cutest 4x4 Firecracker Wood Block Project Ideas

Have you seen all these adorable 4x4 Fire­crack­ers cir­cu­lat­ing on Pin­ter­est? Me too! Along with about a mil­lion oth­er scrap wood block projects for your home. These lit­tle things are just so darn cute to add to your July 4th décor or oth­er patri­ot­ic holidays. 

What draws us in is how EASY these lit­tle projects they are but the “wow” fac­tor is cer­tain­ly one that would­n’t dis­ap­point your guests. 

BUT if you are like how I used to be, I strug­gled to get my hands on wood? Is this you? Are you ask­ing the question

Where Can I find 4x4 Blocks of Wood?

I have you cov­ered friend. I put wayyy too many adorable projects off sim­ply because I could­n’t get my hands on the wood I need­ed or I sim­ply could not work up the nerve to spend big mon­ey on the tools I need­ed much less actu­al­ly risk my fin­ger­tips learn­ing how. 

But that has changed. I sucked it up and learned how to make these wood cuts so you don’t have to! P.S.…shipping cost is annoy­ing soooo they ship FREE, what do you have to lose? 

Actu­al­ly start MAKING all those won­der­ful Pin­ter­est projects! 

I have cre­at­ed an entire Pin­ter­est board ded­i­cat­ed to Wood Block Fire­crack­er Projects. I have gath­ered some of my favorite ren­di­tions this project. If you don;t see a style you love here fol­low me on Pin­ter­est for more ideas.

wood block firecracks with stars and stripes
4x4 wood block firecrackers with dark stain and primitive american colors
tall 4x4 firecracker red white and blue with stars and burlap fabric
primitive red white and blue firecrackerswith rop on top


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