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Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament

Late­ly I have been on a roll with Christ­mas projects. I have slow­ly been “win­ter­iz­ing” my house with flock­ing and trees all over the place! I have also been craft­ing away at some DIY Christ­mas orna­ments to add to the my new­ly themed tree this year!

As you may already know, I am incor­po­rat­ing a lot of neu­trals this year, and in addi­tion to my flocked tree I am slow­ly adding lots of new DIY orna­ments. Recent­ly, I shared how to make these STAMPED WOOD BLOCK ORNAMENTS and today I am show­ing you a com­plete­ly new type using mod podge, rib­bon, a print­able and a wood block square.

Start by drilling holes in each of the top cor­ners of your 6x6 square.

Then, align your sqau­re on top of your print­able, trace and cut. Get your own print­able HERE

Then using a paint brush, sim­ply apply a thin coat of mod podge direct­ly to the sur­face of your wood before press­ing your cutout onto the adhesive.

For good mea­sure I applied anoth­er thin coat of mod podge direct­ly over the top of the paper and allow to dry. Small bub­ble under­neath the sur­face of the paper will appear dur­ing this step. Don’t wor­ry, this is nor­mal. They will flat­ten out as they dry! 

Once your orna­ment is dry it is time to work some mag­ic with your sand­pa­per. I liek to sand the edges first and fore­most then I add some min­i­mal dis­tress­ing across the mid­dle and over the print. How much or how lit­tle you wish to apply this process is com­plete­ly up to you! 

Once you have dis­tressed to your lik­ing, it is time to add a hang­er to your new orna­ment! Sim­ply threat and knot one end of some jute twine through one of your holes at the top. Thread your beads onto the jute and knot on the oth­er side, form­ing a hanger.

Ini­tial­ly I had planned for this project to be com­plete after mak­ing the hang­er, BUT THEN.…I thought not Christ­mas orna­ment would be com­plete with­out at least a small bit of buf­fa­lo check…am I right? To add just the per­fect touch I dressed up the edges with some buf­fa­lo check rib­bon from HOBBY LOBBY. This is the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to add your own flair to your orna­ment! I lined up the edges of my rib­bon to the front edges then fold­ed and hot glued the excess to the back.

After adding the lit­tle extra touch of buf­fa­lo check this orna­ment was com­plete and boy isnt she a beauty???


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