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$3 Nativity Makeover

I have been searching for the perfect nativity scene to add to my Christmas decor for a few years now. Though they are beautiful, I never could bring myself to spend so much money on a set. Luckily, in most most recent trip to one of my favorite pickin’ spots, I came across this little diamond in the rough! It was not in pristine condtion but all the peices were there and it was in decent shape. I snagged it for $3, stuffed it in a box and brought it home!

Talk about a steal! My heart was elated.

As you can see, it it definitly not perfect. In fact, one of the wise men is missing a hand. I actually didn’t notice that detail until I got it home. Either way, I thought a good coat of paint was all this set realy needed.

Using this Satin White by Rustoleum, I applied two coats of spray paint, allowing time for the set to dry between coats.

I decided to paint on a windy day. The box helped to keep the overspray contained and the dust and debris out of the wet paint.

Y’all I wish there was more for me to say but that is the end of this happy little story. I absolutely adore it! Always be on the lookout for cute little ceramics like these, this one literally popped out of nowhere and caught me off guard. Sometimes all you need is a quick coat of paint for a whole new look!

Check out a very similar project shared by Re-Fabbed ! I like Brooke’s idea of attaching hers to a base. It’s brilliant, especially if you have young kiddos!


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