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Free Wood Box Pumpkin Makeover

Listen, when you’re on a tight decorating budget like I literally always am, you can learn real quick how to make something from nothing. In my recent thrifting adventures I found a cute little oval poplar wood box for FREE! It literally doesn’t get any better than that! At the time I had no clue what I’d be using it for but I knew it had potential.

After getting my thrifted treasures home and unloading everything in the floor, I noticed my little box again. I had sat it out of the box haphazardly on its side and that’s when it hit me…I could make a pumpkin from it!

I wish i had a picture of it looking all lonely in the “free” basket at the store. Isn’t she cute?

And just as a testament to how cheap I really was with this project, here is the stem. Any guesses as to what it is?

If you said, “oh thats a broken leg off another thrifted item” then you are correct! I mean who doesn’t save their trash for projects….right? Okay, okay, so maybe you aren’t hoarding trash over here like I am, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw out this little tiny chunk of wood from thrifter’s past.

You bet I hot glued that little thing to the top-front of the oval box and whala! The perfect pumpkin stem!

After adding the stem I decided that securing the lid on the box with a little bit of hot glue along the inner edges of the lid was probably a good idea.

I make a bow from scrap ribbon and raffia I had laying on my craft table and bam! There you have a perfect little {FREE} pumpkin!


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