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Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Plates

If you have never heard of Rae Dunn it is very possible that you may be living under a rock. It is seriously all the rage in farmhouse styled décor right now. I must admit I am not entirely sure why since nothing about the simple designs scream farmhouse to me…BUT…they are simply presh…you know what else they are? Expensive! At least some of the time anyway. If you’re one of the lucky few that has been able to snag some amazing deals on this adorable collection at TjMaxx then kudos, I tip my hat to you my friend. Heck, maybe you’re like me and sometimes just walk through retail stores for DIY inspiration. I could literally spend thousands on all the Rae Dunn my heart desires but that’s just not practical.

My busy work schedule and mommy-hood leaves me very little time (or money) to spend on the deepest desires of my creative heart. So I did what any good DIY’er would do and decided to make some festive “Rae Dunn” plates myself. And that’s not even the best part. They cost a whopping $1 each!!! Yes you read that right! I mean if you want to get technical I had to buy the vinyl for my Cricut but I already had this on hand so I was in business.

Now let me just throw this out there. This is definitely NOT my original idea. I have seen countless examples of this very DIY on Pinterest. So I’m sorry to tell you that this won’t be anything ground-breaking but it IS my first time creating my own Rae Dunn inspired pieces and oh my goodness I am excited to share it with you!

Of course you’re gonna need a Cricut cutting machine to even begin with this project. If this isn’t something readily available I recommend finding someone to make your cuts for you. You can get words cut for fairly cheap. I’m not going to go into detail about using the machine. That is a post all by itself. I am going to safely assume you know how and where to get your words cut.

For this project to have that authentic Rae Dunn look the font is of utmost importance.

I used The Skinny Dunn font and Dollar Tree plates and I am thrilled with the authentic look.

Make sure the surface of your plate is clean and dry.

Then peel the back of your Transfer Tape slowly from your vinyl.

Place your decal in the center of your plate. Be CERTAIN of your placement because there is no going back from this point.

After its placed, I suggest running your finger firmly across each letter as if you are tracing them. This helps to ensure the vinyl has made contact with the plate.

Starting with the corner, slowly lift up the top edge of the transfer tape. It is important to pull your vinyl straight down in one, slow moving motion.

Do not pull diagonally, you run the risk of your vinyl not sticking and stretching your letters. If your letters don’t seem to want to stick simply place them back down on your plate and rub your finger firmly across the area that’s being stubborn.

Simply repeat this process using whatever words and dishes you wish to transform! It’s really that easy!

And of course display them for the world to see!

Stay tuned to learn how to create your very own barn wood plate rack!


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