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DIY Christmas Gnome Collection

Gnomes…. gnomes….cute little gnomes. They seem to be every where I turn. Or maybe it just seems that way because I have have them on my brain lately. It’s kinda like when you never notice a certain type of car until you drive that type of car….does that make any sense? Anyway…back on topic…did I mention that I LOVE GNOMES! If you’re reading this post I think it may be safe to assume that you do too? Or maybe you’re wondering what the craze is all about and that’s what brought you here.

Either way I know you are going to fall in love with this Christmas Collection of DIY gnomes for the holidays!

Be inspired friends.

Buffalo Check Gnome
Christmas Sweater Gnome
Gnome Ornaments
Plaid Hat Gnomes
Lumber Jack Gnomes
Gnome Ornaments with Messy Poms
Neutral Gnome with Large Pom
Tall and Slim Gnomes
Brother Gnomes
Classic Gnomes
Scrap Wood Gnomes
Pom Pom Gnome
Santa Gnome
Farmhouse Gnome
Mr, and Mrs. Gnome


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