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Valentine Gnome: Video Tutorial

You would nev­er know it now but this adorable lit­tle Valen­tine Gnome began as a Dol­lar Tree tin­sel tree! Every once in a while, it’s fun to go strolling the isles at the dol­lar stores in search for a few unex­pect­ed crafty items! This is how this fun lit­tle Valen­tine Gnome was born.

What shall we name him? Tell me your ideas in the com­ments! OR browse a col­lec­tion of my very favorite Christ­mas gnomes or Spring gnomes!


Like most of my Dol­lar Tree projects, I like to pro­vide a sup­ply list of mate­ri­als from oth­er shop­pable sources, like Ama­zon. You may find that not all Dol­lar Trees car­ry the same items. You can cre­ate a very sim­i­lar look using the sup­plies below.

Supplies for Valentine Gnome

It is up to you and how cre­ative you would like to get with the cone shape as a hat. I used a Dol­lar Tree Christ­mas Tree which you can see in the how to video. But that is not your only option. This cone here or even a rolled piece of poster board would do the trick. It’s going to be cov­ered in fab­ric anyway!

cone form for crafting a diy gnome hat

This lit­tle tiny “fish bowl” is an impor­tant piece for the over­all func­tion­al­i­ty of this project. The open­ing fits on top of a reg­u­lar sized mason jar per­fect­ly, cre­at­ing that lid-type function.

plastic bowl for gnome head

The mop head brings every­thing togeth­er as the gnomes beard! It cov­ers the fish bowl and adds that cute gnome look we all love so much.

rag mop for valentine gnome

No gnome is com­plete with­out those cute lit­tle noses. These lit­tle wood knobs are per­fect nes­tled between the strands of his new mop head beard.

wooden knobs

The mason jar will serve as the body of your Valen­tine gnome. I filled mine with cute pink and red beads for a fes­tive touch, but it would be even cuter styled with can­dy hearts or oth­er Valen­tine’s Day candies.

mason jar

No gnome is com­plete with­out a lit­tle bit of char­ac­ter and charm. These lit­tle wood hearts added that lit­tle extra does of love to our Valen­tine Gnome! 

wooden craft hearts for valentine gnome

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