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Easy Thrifted Basket Gallery Wall


  • Wicker-style baskets of various shapes and sizes
  • Picture hanging kit

Before I jump right into the details of this projects I have to say that this is probably my favorite project yet. I literally know I say that about a lot of projects but honestly they are all my favorites for different reasons. This basket gallery wall is just so different from any type project I’ve ever done and it came together in just a matter of minutes.

I have a love for baskets, trays, platters ect and I also love to repurpose things for a whole new use. This is a beautiful union of those two loves and I am eager to share. It all started with a collection. A trip to the thrift store here and there and I’d see a basket I loved and just pick it up and bring it home. Let me just say there are only so many ways to style a basket on a table…yes they are all beautiful in their own way but baskets on every table corner and a 10 month old just don’t go well together.

So that’s what brought us here. A growing collection and a need to have somewhere for them to be displayed and the basket gallery wall was born.

First gather your baskets or go hunt some down at your local thrift store. My most recent visit to a local thrift store resulted in a massive haul of amazing decor. Most of which guessed it…baskets.

Arrange them on the ground, starting with your largest one in the middle working your way outward. This is a good time to experiment with your placement to see how everything is going to line up. In this case I was shooting for balance of general shapes and sizes.

Now that you’ve somewhat nailed down the layout, it’s time to start hanging.

I used a basic picture hanging kit that had several different gadgets I may have needed for hanging, this just depends on the shape and size of your own baskets.

Once again, starting with the middle and largest basket I centered it on my wall and simply hammered a nail straight through the back.

At first I thought I was going to layer a smaller basket in the center. You will see that later I changed my mind and layered it with something completely different.

There are really no specific directions here except securing your baskets to the wall. If you have a method, other than nails, that you prefer for hanging feel free to give that a shot.

Be sure to leave your layout on the floor so you don’t lose your vision for your layout. Just remember that layers are especially important with this type of gallery.

Pro Tip

Look for baskets of various shapes, sizes and colors. This will help you achieve and eclectic look and vintage feel.


I layered my largest basket with a simple little (thrifted) wreath and a collection of pumpkins for a touch of fall color. If you do choose to use a wreath somewhere in the mix, I’d definitely stick with a simple conservative style. Big and bulky would definitely over-do this look.

Layers on layers give this wall so much dimension.

I am literally OBSESSED with this wall!


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