How to Make A DIY Succulent Planter

Suc­cu­lents are mak­ing a huge state­ment in mod­ern farm­house décor right now! What I love the most about this DIY Suc­cu­lent Planter is it takes a mod­ern trend and puts a rus­tic spin on it!

Not only is this lit­tle suc­cu­lent cute but it was so so fun to make. With a cou­ple thrifty finds and a trip to the dol­lar tree and you can have one of these DIY Suc­cu­lent Planters of your very own!


  • Wood bowl
  • Rope
  • Span­ish moss
  • Faux Suc­cu­lent

For the life of me I can not remem­ber where I found this bowl. Obvi­ous­ly it’s thrift­ed because it’s the only one I had. Nonethe­less, I’ve had it stashed a way for a while, know­ing I would use it someday. 


Step One

I start­ed by drilling two holes on one side of the bowl. This is where I planned to loop the rope. Here is the thing with me and drills. I kin­da sor­ta know how to get them to do what I am need­ing them to do but most of the time I have no idea what “bit” I am even using. Sad. I know. But I’m not gonna pre­tend I know what this thing is called. All I know is will make a hole where you need it. Haha

Step Two

Once the holes were drilled, sim­ply thread your rope through and knot on either side.

Step Three

Hot glue some span­ish moss to the base…

Step Four

And top it off with a cute lit­tle succulent(s)

Seri­ous­ly, how incred­i­bly easy was that? This lit­tle thing is a show­stop­per. I added it to my kitchen for a lit­tle touch of green but tru­ly it could hang anywhere. 

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