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Simple Heart Clips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a fun little holiday to me. From making cards to giving chocolates, and all the romantic things in between; I think it’s fun. Is it super cheesy? Oh my word, yes! haha but… I really don’t mind the label of a hopeless romantic if you choose to call me that. Even with all the love I have in my heart for the celebrations, it is just simply one holiday I don’t get excited to decorate for simple because of the bold colors that typically some along with it. Pinks, and reds, especially, just aren’t what I want in my house. I like for my seasonal decor to blend with the rest of my home. If you have been following me for any length of time now, then you know that neutrals are my jam, and I make no exceptions for this little project. That is definitely not to say that you can’t modify this project to fit your taste, I am simply sharing my reason for chosing th colors I did.

For this project I am using hymnal paper, though old book pages or scrapbook paper would work just as well. I can imagine the words from a romantic novel being a great little touch of character to this simple little craft. Along with the paper I have mini clothes pins, hot glue and scissors.

Start by folding your paper in half. Whichever way you chose, horizontal and vertical are both just fine.

Next, cut out your heart shape along the fold. The crease of the fold should be in the center of your heart shape, see below.

Once your heart shapes are cut, (I make about 8-10 total), It is time to hot glue the mini clothes pins to the hearts.

Now simply take your precious, new little clips and have fun! I chose to clip mine to my existing eucylaptus stems for just the tiny-est touch of Valentine’s Day.

I love the simplicity of this look!


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    Kathryn P
    at 6:10 PM

    Soooo cute! I want to make some of these little beauties!

    • Reply
      at 5:17 AM

      Aww that’s great!!

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