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Easy Silverware Pocket Using a Paper Bag

With Thanksgiving on the horizon I have been dreaming up ideas for styling the table. I was needing a little something to add to my place settings and then it dawned on me….I have about a million brown paper lunch bags my husband brought home a while back (don’t ask me why he brought so many) But I thought they could make the perfect little addition I needed and took me less than 5 minutes to make.

All you will need for this project is of course your brown paper lunch bags, Elmer’s glue, a stamp and ink.

Start with the printed side of the bag face down. Flip the bottom fold and press until its facing you (ink side up)

Then, apply Elmer’s glue to the outer edges of the bottom flap and fold the flap up toward the top making a pocket.

Once you have created your pockets for each place setting, its time to stamp! I used a silicone stamp set I bought from Michael’s a few years ago. I like this style because you can easily create whatever words you want. They have been well-loved over the years. Simply apply your stamp to the bottom portion of your pocket.

Now you are ready for silverware in the pocket. You can even slip your napkin right in the top of the bag! I am even thinking about adding a handwritten recipe in the pocket along with the napkin for a little extra special touch!


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