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Homestead Kitchen Essentials from Amazon

What I love the most about DIY is it tru­ly can become a way of life. There are ways to incor­po­rate do it your self projects in every space in your home and this is a lifestyle that the ear­li­er gen­er­a­tions knew all to well. 

There is both a chal­lenge and ful­fill­ment in doing things your­self and I think a small part of each of us would like to revis­it those old fash­ioned ways for a moment.

Break in your new kitchen uten­sils with this mouth water­ing MAPLE BANANA BREAD made from scratch. No starter needed!

With that in mind, I have gath­ered up a col­lec­tion of kitchen essen­tials for those that want to join me in adding a lit­tle more “home­made” to their kitchen. From can­ning your gar­den veg­gies to sav­ings those grease drip­pins, I have your cov­ered. I hope to encour­age you to embrace DIY liv­ing with a bit of old fash­ioned flare.



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