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Magpie Vintage Market A Picker’s Dream

Y’all, I went to my very first vin­tage mar­ket this past week­end Yes, you heard me right. It was my first time at a mar­ket like this, and I am cer­tain heav­en is full of rows and rows of hand select­ed vin­tage items and home made goods. I have been to flea mar­kets and trade shows but I have to say this one took the cake. 

Mag­pie Mar­ket Days is sit­u­at­ed in the small town of Mar­i­on, Illi­nois about 2 hours North of my home­town. When I pulled into the fair­grounds I was over­whelmed by the sight of a sea of white top tents. I could hard­ly wait to hit the ground run­ning to see all the new beau­ties that await­ed me. 

And would you just look at that backdrop???If I could have tak­en that man­tle home with me I so would have! It was so grand and beau­ti­ful and that vin­tage navy blue chair was mak­ing my heart flut­ter. In case you haven’t noticed, navy blue is trend­ing for fall decor. It is a unique twist on the clas­sic oranges and yel­lows and I am def­i­nite­ly late to the par­ty …hope­ful­ly it will stick around for a cou­ple years so I can come back and snag this chair next year. ha!

But anyhoo.…welcome to my quick lit­tle recap of Mag­pie Vin­tage Mar­ket Days. I must admit that I did not end up with as many pho­tos as I had hoped to have col­lect­ed for this post sim­ply because some­thing phys­i­cal­ly hap­pens to your brain when you are a die hard junker like myself. It quite lit­er­al­ly sucks you in. The smell of the well-worn items is like no oth­er. I can imag­ine if there were ever a can­dle called “A Life Well Lived” it would spell like a vin­tage mar­ket. If you have nev­er had the priv­i­lege of vis­it­ing a mar­ket you know the exact smell I’m refer­ring to. 

This booth by Milk­maid Cre­ations and Antiques was one That grabbed my atten­tion from the get-go. It was­n’t over-the-top but it had a per­fect mix­ture of vin­tage and mod­ern. I adored the sim­plic­i­ty of this bench…clean lines and a chip­py seat…yes please! 

About halfway through our shop­ping adven­tures we decid­ed to stop and get refreshed… and let me just say the fun did not stop there. We walked up to this absolute­ly adorable camper turned tea cart. It was paint­ed pink and they called it “Sweet Tea and Jesus”…I mean how stinkin cute is that? They had about a mil­lion dif­fer­ent fla­vors to chose from to infuse your sweet tea. 

I end­ed up with a straw­ber­ry cheese­cake sweet tea and yes…yes it was as heav­en­ly as it sound­ed! I could go for anoth­er one right about now!

It’s a good thing we were recharged with sweet tea because the booths con­tin­ued to blow me away. There was some­thing so very unique about each and every ven­dor. My favorite thing under this tent?…I will give you one guess…If you said he chair then you are cor­rect! I did­n’t love the uphol­stery but it was sol­id wood with beau­ti­ful detail­ing I adored. It was like love at first sight. Gosh how I wish I could have brought that beau­ty home with me but the hard real­i­ty is I did­n’t have the room or the funds. 

I also LOOOOVED all the brass I was find­ing. I end­ed up with some sim­ple brass can­dle­sticks from the week­end and I am not done adding brass to dif­fer­ent shelves and areas of my home. I guess styles real­ly do come full circle.

After hours and what felt like miles of walk­ing ans search­ing for just the right finds I came home with two sim­ple pieces and I could’t be hap­pi­er with how they fit into my space! I snagged this adorable lit­tle expand­able coat rack for only $11

I put it on the wall near the entry­way to my liv­ing room and styled it with anoth­er thrift­ed find! 

I ran into Chasi­da, a fel­low busi­ness own­er and avid pick­er, and shopped her booth called Cus­tom South­ern Co see my good­ies below ⬇️

My oth­er sim­ple lit­tle find were these cute lit­tle aged ter­ra cot­ta pots from Cus­tom South­ern Co. Like I said, noth­ing over the top but def­i­nite­ly not lack­ing in char­ac­ter . Plus, how per­fect are these min­gled with the oth­er fall col­ors on the mantle???

Lis­ten y’all, I enjoyed every sin­gle moment of this adven­ture, and the best part.…I found some beau­ti­ful and unique pieces with char­ac­ter that did­n’t break the bank! Gosh I would have LOVED to bring home some amaz­ing sal­vaged archi­tec­tur­al pieces. And I’m sor­ry I did­n’t think to snap more pic­tures of the amaz­ing pieces. If you ever have the chance to vis­it a vin­tage mar­ket it is easy to get over­whelmed with all the amaz­ing finds. Just remem­ber, keep your eyes peeled for the small lit­tle finds that you can incor­po­rate in your home! 


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