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Budget Friendly DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Thanksgiving Table

Growing up, Thanksgiving meals were always held at my Grannie’s farmhouse here in Western Kentucky. Most of our family lived within a 5 mile radius and we all piled in the modest, wood-paneled, den and kitchen area. There were so many cousins, aunts and uncles we were quite literally piled on top of each other. But honestly, that was how I liked it! When my Grannie, the Matriarch, passed in 2008 the family suddenly stopped having large holiday meals together. Instead we all split off into our own little units and haven’t had a meal together since. But alas, my mom has carried the torch for our family and no matter the circumstance, we have our holiday meals under her roof. Due to the looming possibility of mom having surgery, this year, our Thanksgiving meal may look a tad different for our family.

I have always loved to host, even since I was a child. And even though I haven’t officially been handed the torch for this years meal, I am eagerly sifting an searching for budget-friendly ways that will make the meal extra cozy for my family.

Maybe you too have found yourself as the host for this years festivities, don’t fret. I have already done the leg work in finding some amazingly simple and surprising cheap DIY’s for your Thanksgiving Table.

Let’s begin with this ah-dorable little serving tray. I have seen lots of DIY versions of serving trays but never one that used a Dollar Store pumpkin. This one is a no brainer! Cheap, simple and cute…we are already off to a good start!

Now this little ditty I have been wanting to try for myself for quite some time, and now just may be the time to do it. Go grab all that extra jute from your craft stash, you know you have it stashed somewhere, and start DIY-ing away at these simple little place mats.

I love this idea because HELLO it’s simple! I had one of those “duh” moments when I came across this DIY sage wrapped candle. It is likely you will already have the sage handy for cooking so why not use the leftovers to make these adorable little candles? They are cute and I am sure they would smell just as festive!

If you have followed my blog at all you know I am a sucker for a good Dollar Tree craft. I love how every simple part of this cute little corn kernel centerpiece can be purchased for just $3. Not to mention, the kernels bring a subtle natural vibe to your table.

Okay, so this one convicted me just a tad. Please don’t judge but I am blaming this on my mom brain. I bought a bundle of wheat a while back and it has literally just laid on my counter for weeks. I bought it and literally had no idea what to do with it until now.

This is another must-try on my list. I mean how cute are these? Pumpkin tealight candle holders are just begging to be a part of your Thanksgiving table this year. So simple, yet so festive!

No runner? No Problem! Grab a piece of burlap and a stencil to make this super cute and easy table runner! Chances are you already have everything you need to pump out this adorable DIY.

I just love a personalized setting. Now I also realize that this type of DIY may not totally be easy for some to execute but I had to share none-the-less simply because it’s so dang cute. If you would like to fit me in your schedule to teach me hand-lettering, please let me know…kidding…but seriously.

This DIY place card holder is just about as simple as it gets, AND I promise you can do this one for practically FREE! Go grab some sticks and hot glue and your’re set. *Not to be mistaken for glue sticks-hehe, see what did there?

This doily tablecloth is just fabulous. I am kicking myself for letting go of all of those doilies from forever ago. I am picturing this being completed with a large piece of fabric, maybe a sheet, and some fabric glue? It could be a great no-sew option for a tablecloth!

I shared this one on my on blog recently and I have to admit I haven’t stopped swooning. You can easily make a silverware pocket using a brown paper lunch bag! Grab your stamps and Elmer’s Glue for this one!

Now I love myself a good wood bead craft. This little DIY napkin ring was made with only TWO supplies! That is the type of simplicity I can get behind.

You see, the thing is, I have come to realize that hosting a big meal doesn’t have to be complicated or pricey, trust me all that moo-lah deserves to be spent on the grub. I love that most of these projects are simple and easy on the wallet. Maybe one grabbed your attention? I would love to know which one inspired you the most in the comments!



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    Esther Brown
    at 2:59 AM

    I made the diy wood bead napkin rings! They are awesome! I watch tons of bloggers and craft DIY’ers but you are my favorite!!

    • Reply
      at 10:58 AM

      Girl that is the sweetest thing I’ve read all day. It makes my heart happy to hear that you are using the tutorials and loving them!! 😘😘😘

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