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DIY Mason Jar Cake Stand

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve sifted through this box of old handwritten recipes over the years… each time I learn something new about my heritage… the woman that left a legacy. My great grandmother passed when I was an infant and I have since lost my Grannie. Oh the stories my Grannie used to share. There is not much I wouldn’t give to hear those stories just one more time, just so I could soak them in just a little bit longer. She’s been on my mind a lot lately, September 23rd marked 11 years without her and I’ve been dreaming of her face a lot lately.

I always feel guilty because every year the anniversary of her passing seems to slip by without me noticing, then the guilt sets in. This DIY started with me sifting through the countless recipes in this old tattered box with my mom. We do that from time to time when we’re feeling sentimental. There is something so very special about reading the words, holding the pages and cooking the food that our loved ones did before us.

With the holidays quickly approaching I started thinking of ways we could have our lost loved one a bit closer as we gather. That is where the idea of this recipe cake stand display comes in. Not only is it functional it is also simple to make and brings a touch of sentiment to your thanksgiving spread.

It started with a mason jar with the ring only, some E-6000 adhesive( not pictured), a thrifted tart pan I found for a whole 99 cents at the Goodwill and the most important part…a handwritten recipe. If you don’t have an old handwritten recipe then I suggest you start a tradition of writing them down. It is a lost art really, and it saddens me to think that there really may be people who have never held a physical recipe in their hands…I can’t even imagine! It convicts me a little actually, this is definitely something I should start for myself.

This particular recipe was for my mama’s Honey Bun Cake. I’ve had this many many times over the years and oh my goodness, does it go great with a cup of coffee! If you look closely you can see stains on the paper from ingredients, scribbles and wrinkles in the paper. Such sweetness.

For your first step you are simply going to place the recipe inside of your mason jar. Make sure your jar is nice and clean and CLEAR! I love this so much simply because it just adds a special little touch to any meal you happen to be serving. I am excited to use my moms hand-written recipes for this project closer to Thanksgiving!


This step can also be easily modified. Fill your jar with pecans or acorns for a fun pop of nature to your spread!


Then, using E6000 adhesive glue attach the ring of your mason jar to the center of your tart pan. Allow enough time for your adhesive to dry. I also must note that hot glue DID NOT WORK bonding the metal on metal. I also want to point out the edges on that tart pan (heart eyes)

Once dry, screw your new “lid” back on the jar and fill with a family favorite recipe. I wish I had, had the time to recreate this cake but for now a nice pile of warm chocolate chip cookies will have to do. Let’s just say my boys didn’t complain!


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  • Reply
    Pamela Anderson
    at 1:53 PM

    I love the Mason jar cake stand. My mama passed in 1996 and I cherish all the things that remind me of her. My daddy is now 90 and has lives in their home for 61 years, recently we moved him to an assisted living and cleaned out his house. I found on of my mama’s recipe boxes with her handwriting, this would be wonderful to do.

    • Reply
      at 10:11 PM

      Yes! That’s exactly what I had in mine for this project! Sweet memories when you gather

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