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License Plate DIY Project Ideas

There is some­thing beau­ti­ful about tak­ing some­thing old, dat­ed and once used for a total­ly dif­fer­ent pur­pose and cre­at­ing some­thing com­plete­ly orig­i­nal. These 15 DIY License Plate DIY Ideas will make you crave more upcy­cled projects in your life! 

Check out these amaz­ing and total­ly cre­ative uses for your old stash of plates. Per­fect for a man cave or for a rus­tic pop of col­or. Click on images to view orig­i­nal source.

License Plate Flower Sign

Did you know a license plate could be this cute? I did­n’t either! I adore how it is attached to an old, aged piece of wood to make an adorable sign.

flower cute out of a license plate attahed to an old piece of barnwood with metal hanger and red heart in the center

DIY Wind Chime

I have seen many DIY wind­chimes designs but nev­er one using an old license plate until now. Can you imag­ine how beau­ti­ful this will become as it rusts? 

If rust is your favorite col­or, like mine, then you will be hap­py to know that you can lit­er­al­ly rust any­thing you can paint…yep you heard me! I did my own DIY rusty hard­ware a while ago and it changed everything!

licsence plate hanging with spoons attached with chains as a windchime

License Plate Owl

Isn’t this DIY out­door decor project just so cute? I could see using this license plate owl in my out­door space as a cute addi­tion to my gar­den or she shes (if I had one)

License plate owl on a brick background

DIY Outdoor Dragonfly

Like those cute fan blade drag­on­flies, except bet­ter I love the look of the old license plates as the wings of the drag­on­fly and the chip­py spin­dle for a body. Spin­dles make some of the best upcy­cled out­door projects.

license plate wings and a spindle body dragon fly on a wood fence

License Plate Crate

license plates with metal handles attached to a wooden box

DIY Metal Planters 

license plate bent into a cylinder shape with flowers planted inside
License Plate Planter

License Plate Signs

signs made out of pieces of different license plate in many colors

Upcycled Pendant Lights

license plates bent and hanging from a pendat wood ceiling

Upcycled License Plate Table Top

license plates as table top on a small wooden table

Rustic DIY Wall Pockets

DIY Coat Rack 

license plate with black bcoat hooks

DIY Lampshade

license plates as a lampshade on brass lamp

License Plate Birdhouse 

I am obsessed with the textufre and col­or of this upcy­cled license plate bird­house. The added dormer made of an old rusty hinge is the cher­ry on top of this cute upcy­cled project.

license plate birdhouse with rusty hinge dormer and barnwood
Bird House Roof

DIY Clipboard

License Plate Clipboard

License Plate Wall Clock 

wood clock with license plate numbvers
Upcy­cled Plate Wall Clock


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