Embroidery Hoop Barn Wood Sign


  • Scrap wood or Barnwood
  • 3 Embroi­dery Hoops
  • Cute Print­ed Paper Napkins
  • Wood Let­ters
  • Rib­bon
  • Hot Glue

Every once in a while you get one of those genius ideas where the light bulb just goes off. ..yeah that was me with THIS project! It all stemmed from a need to throw some last minute decor togeth­er for the 4th. We lit­er­al­ly went from no plans to …uhhh were gonna have a house full of peo­ple tomor­row and I need to get my crap (for the lack of a bet­ter word) togeth­er. Now mind you, it i‑i-i-is just fam­i­ly com­ing over for a casu­al fam­i­ly grill out but if you know me, you know I dec­o­rate for near­ly EH-VER-EEE-THING…just ask my mama. So here it goes…

Start by mak­ing a lit­tle hang­er on the back of your wood. I used two small screws and a small piece of jute. I just had these things handy, noth­ing super crazy here. Just use what you have.

Set your wood aside, grab an embroi­dery hoop and unfold a nap­kin. Cen­ter the nap­kin over the small por­tion of the hoop. Secure larg­er por­tion of the hoop over the small­er one. This step should pull your nap­kin nice and snug with­out ripping.

For a clean­er look, cut or tear the excess part of the nap­kin on the back­side of your hoop. Use cau­tion if choos­ing to tear away the excess, I got a lit­tle too force­ful and ripped my nap­kin too much. 

Repeat this step for each hoop.

Next, sim­ply hot glue your let­ters to the cen­ter (or off-cen­ter if you’re feel­in’ spunky) of the stretched napkin.

Place your hoops where you want them on your wood, then add your hot glue to secure them in place

Embell­ish with a cute lit­tle bow.… and you’re done!

I am absolute­ly in love with the end result of this project. The best part…versatility! You could eas­i­ly replace the nap­kins and designs to dec­o­rate for the sea­sons or dif­fer­ent occasions!


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Crystal says:

That woods looks real­ly old. I’ve got some sim­i­lar to this and won­dered about using it. Do you seal the wood with any­thing? This is such a great project. I’m already see­ing a Christ­mas one using JOY. I love your crafts and you❤️❤️

roostandrestore says:

The wood came from a barn on the farm, I am not sure of the orig­i­nal source but I imag­ine it is very old. I did not seal it sim­ply because I am keep­ing it indoors! And I love the ver­sa­til­i­ty of this project. It can eas­i­ly be altered to fit your decor or for the occasion!

roostandrestore says:

Thank you! I didn’t seal it because I had planned on keep­ing it indoors. If this were an out­door sign I would rec­om­mend sealing. 

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