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10 Decor Ideas Using Vintage Books

If you know me, you know I have a love for things with a touch of vintage. One of my favorite things to look for at thrift stores are old books. They are perfect if you are looking to incoporate a bit of the old with the new. I have gathered 10 beautifully inspired decor ideas using old books.

Be inspired.

A cute little stack wrapped in jute may be all you need to complete a cute little vignette. I love the combination of the textures here. The wood cheese box, the flowers and the books compliment each other well.

Did someone say stacked books perched on a chippy white pedestal?….yes please! Now I am officially on the hunt for a pedestal. My “wish list” just keeps growing and growing.

After seeing this amazing shelf, packed with old (and beautiful) books I don’t think it is possible to have too many. This is your permission to keep that collection growing!

This may be the most unique way to use old books in your decor. Stacked together, tied and used as a knife block in the kitchen. Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not me, but I have to admit, it’s stinkin cute!

A book gallery wall? Am I the only one that didn’t realize this was a thing? Excuse me while I go get my hammer. In all seriousness, this is absolutely breathtaking!

Not to be partial, but I shared this fun little display on a Facebook Live. One of my favorite ways to display books is simply stacking and tying them the way I did here. Or pulling some ages out and creating scrolls that can be displayed in a cloche or jar.

I like how simple these stamps are. There are very popular methods of upcycling books that involve painting or stripping them down. Here, the books original beauty are still in tack with the stamps along the pages rather than the spine.

I simply adore how the euclyptus was used with this DIY. I like projects that go against the “norm.” Books are expected to be resting on a table or shelf. Hanging on a hook by a floral stem…now that is something that will stop you in your tracks.

Maybe you can’t get your hands on old “pretty” books. Don’t fret. Just give them a little embellishment for a charming and shabby touch.

Mirrors, mantles, and books…oh my! This style has stolen my heart and thrown away the key. It takes the cake for me. The books paired with the age of the mirrors and mantle make this style simply unforgettable.


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    at 12:00 AM

    I too love decorating with books. Would you give me advice on how much to price a set of three vintage books – undecorated with a jute tie around them if I were to sell? I need a base price. Thanks.

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      at 1:55 PM

      I’m not really sure how to answer that question.

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