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Thrift Store Curtain Rod Wall Hanging

Kaycee Geeding 

Y’all would­n’t believe that this beau­ti­ful piece start­ed out as a 50 cent thrift store cur­tain rod. The beau­ti­ful finials on the ends are what caught my atten­tion as I round­ed the cor­ner, and I quite pos­si­ble heard angels singing in the back­ground. Ok, maybe I’m being just a tad bit dra­mat­ic but you get the point.

All of my fel­low thrift store junkies know the exact feel­ing I am talk­ing about. That moment when you see a fab­u­lous piece that will soon make a per­fect addi­tion to your home or maybe its the miss­ing piece of the puz­zle for the DIY you’ve been dream­ing up.

I knew exact­ly how I would use this thrift store cur­tain rod from the moment I laid eyes on it. You too can recre­ate this wall hang­ing with a few sup­plies I have list­ed below.


wood bead wall hanging made from o

If I had to put a num­ber on it, I would say I used about 130 beads to com­plete this project. It sounds like a lot but tru­ly it’s not as many as you might think. I start­ed by tying one end of the hemp twine to an end of the rod and begain threading. 

Wood bead projects are some of my very favorites to cre­ate for decor in my home. From wood bead tas­sels to gar­lands, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are tru­ly endless.

thrift store curtain rod with wood beads

I did­n’t set out with a cer­tain num­ber in mind I just went until it hung the way I liked it, and tied it off on the oth­er end. Make sure you pull the twine tight on the fin­ish­ing end so there aren’t any gaps in your beads.

Repeat the bead­ing and tying steps as much as you’d like. I stopped with 3. Dec­o­rat­ing in 3s and 5s are my pref­er­ence but do what makes you happy!

thrift store curtain rod makeover

Next came the gar­land styling, which you can watch on Face­book. Over­all, this entire project took about 30 min­utes from start to fin­ish!. It real­ly is that easy.

beautiful wood bead wall hanging DIY

Seri­ous­ly, how beau­ti­ful is this project? Some­one needs to pinch me. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the com­ments. Be sure to join us in the R+R Face­book Com­mu­ni­ty and use #roo­st­an­drestorediy so we can see what you made!

diy wall hanging with eucalyptus garland
wood bead wall hanging

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  1. Cynthia Smith

    I just love watch­ing you and your cre­ative thoughts and ideas. I think I could spend all day watch­ing you if you were on all day craft­ing. Thank you for shar­ing your beau­ti­ful cre­ations so I, and oth­ers, can try and recre­ate them. You’re so talented.

  2. Ann

    This is such a fun idea I love it I’m going to share it in a thrifty Christ­mas round-up this Thursday😃

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