Maple Leaf Dollar Tree Makeover

It’s been a while since I shared a good ole Dol­lar Tree makeover. I espe­cial­ly love when the makeovers are as sim­ple as this one. I grabbed up a cou­ple bun­dles of these maple leaves right when all of the fall decor start­ed hit­ting the shelves at the begin­ning of the season.

maple leave from dollar tree

I had some gold metal­lic spray paint on hand for anoth­er project I had planned and decid­ed it would be the per­fect touch for these cheap lit­tle maple leaves. I like to keep this col­or on stand­by for all types of makeovers. It’s time­less and so chic.

rustoleum spray paint gold metallic

I made a makeshift paint booth from an old card­board box. Noth­ing fan­cy here I just jabbed (keep­ing it pro­fes­sion­al here lol) the stem into the box so the paint would­n’t drift. 

spray paint dollar tree leaves

Look at that quick trans­for­ma­tion! I mean seri­ous­ly, why did­n’t I think of doing this soon­er! These leaves total­ly went from blah to beautiful!

gold dollar tree leaves

I grabbed a vin­tage pitch­er that I have used in may oth­er areas of my home, includ­ing this Spring tablescape a cou­ple years ago. You nev­er know when you may need a cute way to dis­play an arrange­ment like this Dol­lar Tree makeover.

dolar tree makeover

For now I have these cuties dis­played in my cof­fee area of my town­house kitchen. I recent­ly moved to the city and am adjust­ing to a small­er space. I love the touch of fall these leaves add to this small space. 

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Natalie Higdon says:

Love the leaf project. I am just now begin­ning my fall dec­o­rat­ing. I real­ly like the gink­go leaves at Dol­lar Gen­er­al but I just love gink­go leaves!

Kaycee I love this cute and easy decor vignette. I’m a lit­tle behind on all the things but what I just read, blew me away. Y’all have moved to the city??? I love your home out in the coun­try. Well I will go to your page and watch past videos and read and bring myself up to speed on every­thing. Hope well and wish Y’all the very best of everything

Thank you so much! I like how sim­ple and prac­ti­cal it is!

Cheryl Atkinson says:

Very nice.

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