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DIY Herb Racks for Your Kitchen

An herb rack is one of those items you nev­er knew you need­ed for your kitchen. I am cur­rent­ly try­ing to dream up an idea for cre­at­ing my own for my kitchen. I have basil, rose­mary, thyme and oregeno in my win­dow seal that are ready for har­vest and I am loo­ing for a beau­ti­ful way to dis­play them.

There are so many unique and fun ways to dis­play these lit­tle fra­grant beau­ties it’s going to be dif­fi­cult to decide. I like this meth­ods for dry­ing because I find it not only beau­ti­ful but benef­i­cal for fla­vor. Hang­ing herbs upside­down let’s the essen­tial oils flow from the stems to the leaves and allow them dry for about a week give or take.

This year will be my first time hav­ing my very on kitchen gar­den, com­plete with cook­ing herbs, heir­loom toma­toes, pep­pers and greens. I am so excit­ed to have all these whole­some essen­tials with­in view of my kitchen win­dow and I am so look­ing for­ward to the day I can put my own dry­ing rack together. 

Enjoy a col­lec­tion of inspi­ra­tion for your own herb dry­ing. Each image is linked to tuto­ri­als from their orig­i­nal source. 


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