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5 Repurposed Kitchen Island Tutorials

When I was tossing around ideas for creating a kitchen island, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to repurpose SOMETHING, but I wan’t too sure on what. Of course, if you follow the blog, then you already know we decided on the dresser in the image below. I am super pleased with how this piece turned out. But y’all, if I had a place in my house for more than one repurposed island, you betcha I would have these in this collection.

I just simply wanted to gather them for you, and unfold my thought process behind my discovery of each of these amazingly unique pieces. I don’t know about you, but I find sooo much joy in seeing old objects being loved on and used in ways that are very different from their original purpose. Take this dresser for instance, no it wasn’t that old, BUT it’s a dresser, it definitely was not built for the purpose of having people gather around it. The DIY CHIPPY PAINT technique (see tutorial HERE) add just a touch of age this dresser needed to take on that well worn look. I buttoned up the look with DIY RUSTY HARDWARE (see tutorial HERE), a couple rusty farm implements and the hand made soft maple counter was the cherry on top.

If you’re wanting to see some old and goregouse pieces keep scrolling…

This is the mother of all repurposed islands! Just look at this chunky little beauty…kinda like myself HA! Seriously though, the age, the character, the curves…I want it all. I love how she kept it natural and the contrast it brings to an otherwise updated kitchen.

This one stopped me in my tracks mostly because it reminded me so much of my own kitchen. This galvanized tub makes for a perfect island for a smaller space! I adore the fact that it’s now in a kitchen and it makes me wonder where it served its purpose before now.

Would you just look at this littele cutie? My heart alsmost can’t handle it. Shutters y’all! It’s genious! Check out the tutorial on this beauty (source linked below) It truly was a mesmerizing transformation, not to mention the perfect addition for this dining/kitchen space!

Now I have to admit, this one is technically a tutorial…but…one isn’t needed! AThe contrast between the clean and modern cabinets with the natural chippiness of this old table turned island is scroll-stopping! I must confess, if I ever came across a piece this lovely, I would have to bring her home.

Guys I hope this little collection was inspiring to you like it was for me. I enjoy bringing ideas an inspiration together and writing my thoughts out, call it brainstorming I suppose, but it helps me to pick out what I like about other spaces and helps me to get my wheels turning for my own project. If you have upcycled or repurposed pieces to use in your kitchen I would love to see them!

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