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DIY Spindle Carrots

Mak­ing Spring decor using these skin­ny spin­dles from the shop just may be my new obses­sion! Not only was thi project easy, but also, the end result turned out absolute­ly amazing! 

What you will need:

  • Spin­dles
  • Miter Saw
  • Green flo­ral stems
  • hot clue
  • orange paint
  • small paint brush
  • twine and/or raffia

The process start­ed out fair­ly sim­ple. I had two long spin­dles that I cut down to about 6″ each using a miter saw. If you need to get your hands on these I offer them over in my wood sup­ply shoppe. GET THEM HERE. 

After they were cut to size, I light­ly sand­ed them and paint­ed them with orange craft paint.

I gave them about 15 min­utes to dry then start­ed hot glue­ing the faux­green­ery aroung the top, leav­ing the pointy end of the spin­dle exposed.

To hide the not-so-cute parts of the green­ery, I wrapped jute twine around the base of the greenery.

And y’all, just like that you have some adorable lit­tle spin­dle car­rots! I love how easy these were to cre­ate as well as the prim­i­tive look they add to my Spring decor. What do you think? These are definilty worth sav­ing for later.


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