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DIY Spindle Carrots

Making Spring decor using these skinny spindles from the shop just may be my new obsession! Not only was thi project easy, but also, the end result turned out absolutely amazing!

What you will need:

  • Spindles
  • Miter Saw
  • Green floral stems
  • hot clue
  • orange paint
  • small paint brush
  • twine and/or raffia

The process started out fairly simple. I had two long spindles that I cut down to about 6″ each using a miter saw. If you need to get your hands on these I offer them over in my wood supply shoppe. GET THEM HERE.

After they were cut to size, I lightly sanded them and painted them with orange craft paint.

I gave them about 15 minutes to dry then started hot glueing the fauxgreenery aroung the top, leaving the pointy end of the spindle exposed.

To hide the not-so-cute parts of the greenery, I wrapped jute twine around the base of the greenery.

And y’all, just like that you have some adorable little spindle carrots! I love how easy these were to create as well as the primitive look they add to my Spring decor. What do you think? These are definilty worth saving for later.


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