Thrifty Spring Decor for Your Mantle


Recent­ly, I made a trip to one of my favorite thrift shoppes in town on a mis­sion to gath­er a few bud­get-friend­ly items for my Spring man­tle. I did­n’t want to go all out Easter‑y with bright eggs and bun­nies but did want a taste­ful yet fresh look to my space. After brows­ing the store for about 30 min­utes, which must have been a new record for me, I had a col­lec­tion of vin­tage prints, old bas­kets, books and some faux euclyp­tus stems. I also bought a old chip­py bird­cage and a sofa table, but that’s a whole dif­fer­ent thing. I’m kick­ing myself for not snap­ping a pic­ture of my cart to show to the col­lec­tions of good­ies before I start­ed styling them but I think you will find these items inspir­ing for your own thrifty man­tle scape.

I start­ed with the thrift­ed trea­sures I found as well as a pile of good styling pieces I already had. Glass vas­es, jugs, ter­ra cot­ta pots, wreaths, and even this upcy­cled DRY SINK SHELF which I had a total of $5 invest­ed in from the 400 Mile Yard­sale a cou­ple sum­mers back. I shared this DIY on the blog pre­vi­ous­ly. The bas­ket and shelf took cen­ter stage in this arrange­ment. I sim­ply turned the shelf upside down, and lay­ered the mag­no­lia on the thrift­ed bas­ket I found for .25 a cou­ple years ago also from the 400 mile sale. All three of my favorite things all wrapped up togeth­er for a nice, fresh, springy feel. 

This hare pic­ture was my absolute favorite find of the day! And the best part… I paid a whop­ping $3 and some change! Isn’t he hand­some? He’s neu­tral so I think he could eas­i­ly be incor­po­rat­ed into my every­day decor after Spring! What do you think? 

This gal is actu­al­ly a print on the top of a lit­tle $4 wood­en box. I’m not sure if it’s orig­i­nal pur­pose but she is now on dis­play. Why did I chose this for a Spring man­tle? Well the green of course! I thought the col­ors would tie in perfectly! 

This basket…I’m in LOVE with this bas­ket! A .50 find from a pre­vi­ous thrift haul. Don’t ever ever pass up a good bas­ket! You nev­er know where and when you could use it! 

Did I men­tion not pass­ing up a good bas­ket??? I found this amaz­ing (and tall) wick­er like vase for only $6!!! What you can’t see is I stuffed it with Wal­mart bags to boost the stems. Shhh…no one will ever know the difference. 

And of course the faux euca­lyp­tus stems… a big ole pack for $3, also a thrift from the same haul. I remem­ber this style of stem from back in the ear­ly 90s. Hon­est­ly that’s prob­a­bly how old these are too. Thank good­ness for faux right?? 

Did I men­tion bas­kets?? Haha y’all only thought I was kid­ding! Seri­ous­ly! The one sit­ting in the hearth $3 from you guessed it…a thrift store! And the old wood­en the­ater seat, I couldn’t pass it up for only $15. Grant­ed it’s not stur­dy enough to sit but it holds a throw pil­low nicely! 

And there ya have it folks! Thrifty and beau­ti­ful if I must say so myself! I min­gled in a few vas­es, old books and some vin­tage ter­ra cot­ta I already had on hand to but­ton up this look. 

Don’t fret over what’s “trendy” for Spring. CREATE a Spring look that works for you and your budget!! 


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