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Textured Wood Block Christmas Tree Using Sand Paint

I recently have been loving this DIY sand paint recipe! Not only does it provided superior coverage but it also leaves behind a nice texture on most any surface. 

Here is what you need!

All you real­ly have to do is com­bine the 3 ingre­di­ents and mix well. It should be the con­sis­ten­cy of run­ny tooth­paste. If it seems to thick, add a tiny amount of water (or more paint) until desired con­sis­ten­cy is reached. Also, when I say scoop it could be table­spoon, cups, tea­spoon it real­ly depends on how much paint you need to com­plete your project. The impor­tant part to remem­ber is keep­ing your ratio of all the ingredients.

easy sand paint recipe

I recent­ly decid­ed to try this recipe on a wood block Christ­mas Tree project. I paint­ed the first coat using a moss green mixed in with the rest of the ingre­di­ents. I also, made over this Dol­lar Tree Pump­kin using sand paint as well!

wood block christmas tree

Once the first coat of sand paint was dry, I paint­ed a heavy coat of white chalk paint over the top. Note this is just reg­u­lar chalk paint, not sand paint.

Once the top coat was dry, I light­ly sand­ed over the top to reveal pieces of the mossy green sand paint­ed col­or underneath.

Look at the beau­ti­ful tex­ture left behind after using the sand paint recipe! It makes a world of dif­fer­ent when you’re want­i­ng to add tex­ture to a project or recre­ate a chip­py fin­ish like we did here! 

What do you think?

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