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Simple Wood Block Nesting Houses

I am seeing these adorable ceramic nesting houses all over the place. Not only do they make adorable additions to your Christmas decor, they are also great piences to have sitting out year round. My favorite part you may ask? The simplicity, of course. I like to keep things neutral over here at R+R and these little beauties just simply make me happy.

These are just your basic 2x cut to a point so that they resemble a rooftop. My lengths from bottom to tip are 10,7, and 5 inches. Cut them yourself or simple order a set from my online SUPPLY SHOP.

Then, paint and allow to dry. White is the standard color for these cute little houses. To me that is what makes them so darn cute!

Once the paint was dry, I decided to sand the edges to create a simple distressed effect. I used some scrap sand paper I had laying around to add a hint of character to the otherwise plain little houses.

Y’all that is literally all there is to these little nesting houses. Feel free to get creative and add windows or even a little chimney to make them unique to you and your space.



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