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Make A Wood Block Ornament + Video

Mak­ing wood block ornament(s) has to be one of my favorite things to cre­ate this time of year. In fact, mak­ing wood block anyyy­thing is my favorite. 

PS.…these wood block ornament(s) make won­der­ful (and bud­get friend­ly) gifts too (wink wink)

If you have a scrap wood pile lay­ing around, go grab a lit­tle piece and make this super cute, rus­tic lit­tle addi­tion for your tree. 

No wood? No wor­ries! If you don’t have access to wood, we have a scrap wood project solu­tion designed JUST FOR YOU! If you have wood, then you’re almost set. See the com­plete list of sup­plies below.

Supplies for Wood Block Ornaments

Would you like to see a sped up step by step of a cute wood clock orna­ment? Check out the video tuto­r­i­al below!

wood block christmas ornament

  1. Drill Holes in the Wood

    I drilled two small holes at the top using my drill and twist bit. They are large enough for jute twine or in the case, cop­per wire for hanging.

  2. Stain

    Stain your wood what­ev­er col­or you desire. I am using Spe­cial Wal­nut by Minwax

  3. Apply Fab­ric

    Apply a small piece of fab­ric using mod podge

  4. Stamp

    Stamp you favorite Christ­mas verbiage

  5. Embell­ish + Hang

    Thread your wire through the back­side of the hole and twist around a pen­cil or dowl rod for a cute curl in the front!

If you like this wood block orna­ment, you will love these oth­er wood block DIY projects for all seasons! 

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