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Scrap Wood Box Subscription

IN A WORLD FULL OF WATCHERS…BE A MAKER! We all are guilty of see­ing a cute project and shar­ing it to our feed or sav­ing it to our Pin­ter­est boards but what if I told you that YOU can bring these ideas to life! YOU can get your hands dirty, and YOU can be the MAKER instead of the pin­ner.

This box was cre­at­ed for those of us who want to make all the thing but don’t have all the things…wood, tools, mea­sur­ing skills…I get it. I once used to be just like you, then I decid­ed to make it hap­pen! Let me help you too!

What is in Each Box?

Each box will con­tain 3–5 unfin­ished scrap wood projects (depend­ing on size) ready for cus­tomiza­tion. Each month the projects will be designed around a cen­tral theme**Projects are wood cuts only, if you are inter­est­ed in com­plete kits those are avail­able under the Project Kits tab.

How Often Do I Receive A Box?

You will receive a box at the begin­ning of each month! We try to ship the last week­end of the month so you have plen­ty of time to receive and make your cre­ations!

How much does it cost and when will I be billed?

$49.99 + FREE SHIPPING is billed on the 1st of every month. Box­es are billed ahead. For exam­ple, the pay­ment that comes out on Sep­tem­ber 1st is for the box that will ship in October…make sense?

No hid­den fees and no codes required!

Can I Cancel at Anytime?

Yes, girl! No oblig­a­tions! At sign up you will be invit­ed to cre­ate a cus­tomer por­tal where you can track your box­es and con­trol your sub­scrip­tion at any time!

Do I get VIP Access?

YES! Me and all the oth­er sub­scribers get to hang out on our own PRIVATE Pin­ter­est board where we can pin and share ideas for the wood you receive in the box­es!


Don’t just take it from me.….but these box­es are tru­ly amaz­ing! I like to think we pio­neered the idea of a wood blank sub­scrip­tion. It saves you $$$ AND you’re not pay­ing for all the extra sup­plies like paint and rib­bon that we all know you have enough of already…right? So why pay for it? We are able to offer you more by let­ting you use your own stash of sup­plies.