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DIY Jumbo Christmas Ornament from an Old Frame

Y’all.… in case you did­n’t already know, I am in full blown Christ­mas mode over here! No I am not dec­o­rat­ing yet but I sure am doing my best to prep and cre­ate decor for my tran­si­tion from tra­di­tion­al reds and greens to a more neu­tral palette. 

Chang­ing col­or schemes can be dif­fi­cult and those price tags will start rack­ing up quick! So far I have been mak­ing plen­ty of orna­ments and pick­ing up some here and there at the dol­lar stores around town. How­ev­er, the trou­ble I am run­ning into is that most of all the jum­bo styled orna­ments or plaques are not avail­able in the neu­trals I am look­ing for. So nat­u­ral­ly, I did what any DIY’er would do and I decid­ed to make some for myself! 

This project start­ed with an old frame, some can­vas, a word cutout and a lit­tle bit of paint. I found my roll of can­vas on Ama­zon and my wood word cutout came from HERE

Start by remov­ing the back and the glass from the frame.

Then lay your frame on your can­vas and trace the out­er edges.

After cut­ting your can­vas to size, sim­ply hot glue the edges to the back of the frame. Be sure to stretch the can­vas until it is snug. Press and hold.

Then, paint the wood word cutout and allow to dry. I chose black and white for a nice neu­tral farm­house look.

Grab your hot glue and apply to the back of your words and press onto your can­vas. Be sure to press and hold long enough for the glue to adhere nice and strong. I mean how stinkin’ simple!!!!

Style your new orna­ment in the branch­es of your tree, place on a shelf or hang on the wall either way you can’t go wrong with this one. It is super easy! I’m even think­ing about cre­at­ing some small­er orna­ments using small­er frames! 


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