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DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath for Under $10

I love budget-friendly decor. A little time and creativity will bring the right materials together to make something beautiful. I have wanted to make an embroidery hoop wreath for what seems like forever!! Today I made that DIY dream come true!

This DIY started much like the others, with a trip to the thrift store! I snagged a large embroidery hoop a few weeks ago for a $1 and paired it with some other budget-friendly finds to create this beautiful wreath for under $10! It doesn’t get much more thrifty than that!

It is also good to note that I do not have much wreath-making experience. The techniques I share here are very basic and do not require much expertise.

One of the most essential elements that brought this project together are the faux hard needle pine picks I found at Walmart for $0.97.

I started by laying the picks out on the hoop to get an idea of where I would actually attach them.

Then, using floral wire, I secured the picks in place. Simply wrap the wire around and twist several times until the pick is nice and snug against the hoop.

Repeat this step for the remaining picks.

Once your picks are in place, make (or buy) a bow to attach where the picks meet. I used a technique here that I like to call the fold and twist bow with pine cone embelishments.

In a nutshell, you layer your fabrics from largest to smallest in a straight line. Then pick up by one end and begin fold the layers back and forth until you achieve a nice stack of fabric layers. Tie in the middle and snip the loops on the ends. Next, you will pull apart the individual layers and twist each piece at the base. I realize this may be difficult to visualize, I will try to provide a more in depth tutorial soon!

But for now, this is the end result. A full, scrappy bow with lots of texture and character! I simply attached the bow by threading floral wire through the fibers of the bow and secured it by twisting it around the hoop.

Once the picks and the bow were nice and secure, I added a little special touch of a wooden word I found for $2 at the local Dollar General. I simply used hot glue to attach it directly to the wood of the hoop. I do plan to keep this one inside and out of the elements. However, if you are recreating this for an outdoor space I would recommend using an industrial strength adhesive.

Y’all that is literally it! A beautiful embroidery hoop wreath for less than $10! Just to give you an idea of what to look for when designing your own wreath, here is how the supplies break down.

Hoop: $1

Picks: $0.97 each (I used 5)

Mini Pine Cones: $1 for set of 12

Believe Word Cutout: $2

Ribbon: Scrap


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