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DIY Dollar Tree Cloche

Y’all know I love me a thrifty DIY from time to time and let me just tell ya, this lit­tle DIY Dol­lar Tree cloche does not dis­ap­point! Use it for trin­kets, dis­play a can­dle or sim­ply let it stand on its own. Any way you use it your guests will nev­er know it was a DIY. That can be our lit­tle secret.

Supplies for a DIY Cloche

  • Small wood turn­ing (I used a wood can­dle­stick holder)
  • Small trin­ket tray (Dol­lar Tree)
  • Class cup or vase (Dol­lar Tree)
  • Knob
  • Paint
  • Rub-On Trans­fer (Dol­lar Tree)
  • Quick and Thick mul­ti sur­face glue or any oth­er type of strong adhesive

Begin by attach­ing your turn­ing to the base of the trin­ket tray for added height and paint with chalk paint. I used white by Waver­ly. It has excel­lent cov­er­age and eas­i­ly cov­ered the exist­ing pattern.

Next, I applied the rub on trans­fer. This process is pret­ty self explana­to­ry. Sim­ply peel the back­ing off and rub with a flat object to trans­fer the image to tray.

Just be sure to peel the plas­tic back slow­ly to ensure prop­er transfer.


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I did end up seal­ing the base with a mat­te var­nish. It’s just a lit­tle extra pre­cau­tion against the heat of the can­dle or wear and tear from every­day use.

dollar tree decor idea

The last step of this sim­ple lit­tle DIY is attach­ing the knob to the base of the glass which will become the actu­al cloche. I think I might have a lit­tle bit of an obses­sion with cloche DIYs. I made a win­ter scene cloche with a cou­ple of thrift­ed items a few years ago that could eas­i­ly be switched out for the sea­sons. Recent­ly I even made a minia­ture St. Patrick­’s Day dis­play for a glass cloches we have in store.

Look at how pre­cious this old knob looks perched on top of the glass! I would rec­om­mend a knob with a bit of a wider base if only using an adhe­sive. Oth­er­wise I would sug­gest a glass drill bit and small screw to secure it to the top.

easy diy cloches using dollar tree items
simple DIY cloche
class cloche diy

That is all there is to this sim­ple lit­tle DIY Dol­lar Tree cloche! I love being able to bring a few things togeth­er to make some­thing so adorable and thrifty! We have lots of decor pieces, can­dles and sit­ters for you to choose from for styling your DIY decor projects in our online home decor boutique! 

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