DIY Barn Wood Pumpkin Decor

I am cur­rent­ly obsess­ing over this DIY barn wood pump­kin decor. Each of our scrap wood mys­tery box sub­scribers received 2 of these pump­kin cutouts sourced from reclaimed barn­wood right here from my farm. We offer these projects as a quar­ter­ly sea­son­al sub­scrip­tion so cre­atives have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make beau­ti­ful decor from reclaimed wood. 

This is project two of three in the Fall Scrap Wood Mys­tery Box but I can say that the shape is easy enough to sketch out on some scrap wood and cut using a band­saw or jig saw. One day soon I will get a tem­plate up here for your to use in mak­ing your own. You can always sub­scribe to our box by click­ing the but­ton below.

For this DIY barn­wood pump­kin decor I decid­ed to use a tech­nique I like to call “but­ter­ing” It’s the sim­plest tech­nique with the cutest chip­py effect. Lit­er­al­ly scoop up your paint with a pop­ci­cle stick and lath­er it on your wood project like but­ter. Once you’ve got your paint spread to your lik­ing you can give it a quick dry with a heat gun or blow dryer.

I end­ed up ton­ing down the orange col­or with a touch of antique wax. It blend­ed nice­ly with the barn­wood and took away the harsh­ness of the fresh cut edges. 

For a lit­tle added touch I stamped a small piece of scrap fab­ric and attached it to the paint­ed pump­kin using jum­bo uphol­stery tacks. 

I men­tioned before that sub­scribers received two pump­kins. I decid­ed to keep the larg­er of the two in its nat­ur­al barn­wood state and attached the two with wood glue. This brought them togeth­er and cre­at­ed the per­fect lit­tle space for a vine and bow embellishment. 

What do you think? I love how beau­ti­ful these lit­tle barn wood pump­kins turned out. If you love mak­ing scrap wood projects like this one then you will want to check out the Scrap Wood Mys­tery Box. I would love to have you join us for our next sea­son box of wood projects!

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Susan says:

Beau­ti­ful!! I can’t wait to work on mine!!

Pam Duncan says:

How do I print your fall print­a­bles? I love them that Our Greene Acres shared your link.

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