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5 Comfy Outdoor Spaces

Maybe its just me, but I am hypersensitive to all the work that needs to be done in my yard this time of year. There is literally not a single area of my yard that I would consider totally finished. I think choosing to focus on an area where I can unwind after the days stresses or relax with a cup of coffee is a THE definition of comfy. I have gathered some comfy spaces that would make it very difficult for me to complete anything on my outdoor to-do list. You’re welcome.

This space literally has everything I could ever imagine in a patio area!
Did someone say star gaze? Sleeping under the stars is now on my bucket list.
I love the close and cozy feel of this area! I can just hear the conversations now.
The perfect blend of farmhouse and modern.
Soft lighting is a must for creating a cozy outdoor space.

I don’t know about you but each and every one of these spaces make me want to do anything but yard work!

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