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Thrift Store Flip: Mini Screen Door

Here at Roost and Restore I love to show peo­ple how they can dec­o­rate their homes resource­ful­ly. A lot of the times that means tak­ing some­thing from a thrift store and giv­ing it a fresh makeover so it will fit your own per­son­al style. This thrift store flip is no exception!

You just might be sur­prised how far a lit­tle paint and cre­ativ­i­ty can go when dec­o­rat­ing your home. It’s all about using the resources you have to dec­o­rate. It’s that simple.

Last week, I came across this cute lit­tle mini screen door at my local thrift store for only $5. And although I did­n’t love the green col­or or the dat­ed apple swag, I knew that this was a thrift store flip that had the poten­tial to light some inspi­ra­tional fires.


Right after I found this adorable lit­tle screen door, I went straight to Wal­mart to hunt for some­thing to use as a mini wreath or door hang­er. I grabbed an assort­ment of dif­fer­ent orna­ments that I felt like I could some­how use to cre­ate some­thing simple.

I began this thrift store flip with a lit­tle bit of prep work. I removed the screen from the back of the mini door using a box blade and removed all hard­ware before paint­ing with a white chalk paint. I real­ly thought the white would resem­ble an old fash­ioned screen door.

After paint, I reat­tached hard­ware and replaced the orig­i­nal screen with a bit of hot glue and would­n’t you know it, it was LOVELY!

I end­ed up com­bin­ing parts from a cou­ple dif­fer­ent orna­ments and mod­i­fied the bells a bit using rub n buff. I mean look at how adorable this thing is! I think I need a life size ver­sion of this wreath for my door…

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