Roost + Restore

Psalms 23

Sometimes I can get so darn discouraged with God. I know that’s such a sharp statement but it’s the truth. I think its only normal for my fleshly self to wonder how in the world some things are going to work out. One thing I know for sure is that God consistently shows up at exactly the right time. Some may say it’s easy to be positive when you’re on a mountain top but I’m telling you God is just as present in the valleys too.

For the longest time growing up, probably just because of my naivety, I found that statement very cliché and it kinda annoyed me. You’re probably thinking “Gosh whats up with this girl and her attitude” But I am just being honest. Those of us that have had the blessing of growing up in church know what I mean. I had become numb to the true meaning behind the words I had heard over and over throughout my childhood and early adult life. That is until I woke up one day IN the valley. Then its hits you, like woah this is what its like down here. It’s awful, lonely, and depressing.

And then you start to realize that no one can get you through this trial or open a new door for you other than your Creator.

Being in the valley stripped me down real quick and made me realize that maybe those ole church folks knew a little more than I’d like to admit. God brought me through some of the most depressing and painful times in my life, and relationships. I did not have to fear because I was not alone. My shepherd was leading me to still waters. He would never give me anything I couldn’t handle. One interpretation of Psalms 23 can be illustrated like this. Just a fun fact, sheep can only drink from sill water. Now I can’t 100% remember why but I think it has something to do with it knocking them off balance. Like the sheep, God leads us to still water because its what we can handle. He wouldn’t lead us to a river and throw us in, we would drown. He makes me lie down in green pastures. Holy moly am I thankful for this verse. This is God saying to me. Go rest where you have plenty. You’re in the valley but God is still providing and giving you rest. Now the verse goes on and I could elaborate more, in fact I have it tattooed to my chest. Call it my life verse if you will. It says, “For though I walk through the valley in shadows of death I will fear no evil for Thou Art with me.”

I say all that to say God is with me on this mountain right now. The opportunities he has presented me with over the course of the past couple months is unreal. I have overcome post partum depression, got a new job, met some amazing people and just launched a new online store where I can share my favorite home décor with people. Talk about blessed! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real life. But God. But God felt I was ready. Just remember when God does open a door that you are there to answer the door and receive His blessing!

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    Tammy Fleury
    at 4:53 PM

    We are so blessed to have another young God loving woman to follow. Your words touched me. It’s always good to be reminded that God is with us even when we are in a valley. Please stay real and let God continue to lead you and bless others. God Bless.

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      at 12:14 AM

      Thank you Tammy! You words mean more than you know! I am going to use this platform to exalt His name!

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