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Neutral Scrap Wood Pumpkin DIY

I bet you have all the items on hand to make these beau­ti­ful neu­tral scrap wood pump­kin diy!

This time of year every time I come across a piece of scrap wood I am dream­ing up ways to turn it into a pump­kin. In fact, I have a slew of scrap wood projects on the blog for all sea­sons! Tell me I’m not the only one? This time around I decid­ed to go a some­what roman­tic route for these neu­tral scrap wood pumpkins.

Here it what I start­ed with to make these neu­tral scrap wood pumpkins…

  • A few scrap 2x4 pieces of dif­fer­ent lengths
  • Can­dle hold­ers from the Wood­pile sec­tion at Hob­by Lobby
  • Hot Glue + Glue Gun
  • Stain
  • Paint + Brushes
  • Sand­pa­per
  • Raf­fia
  • A few old rusty hinges and hardware
  • uphol­stery tacks

Begin by sand­ing each 2x4 and each can­dle hold­er. The hold­ers will serve as our cute chunky stems in the end so just set them aside.

Roost and Restore - Neutral Scrap Wood Pumpkin DIY

Next you’re sim­ply going to dry brush the sur­face of each fresh­ly stained 2x4. 

You do not have to focus on cov­er­ing the stain in all areas unless you just want to. I like the dry brushed effect, where you have just the tini­est amount of paint on the tip of your brush and paint it until the brush is dry, and repeat. It leaves behind a streaky fin­ish let­ting that beau­ti­ful stain shine through!

Light­ly sand the sur­face of each neu­tral scrap wood pump­kin before mov­ing on to embell­ish­ments. The embell­ish­ments I used here are old hinges and hard­ware from old fur­ni­ture: and I sim­ply used the uphol­stery tacks in the cen­ters where the screw would have been used for attach­ing it to the fur­ni­ture. Not only did it aid the hot glue in keep­ing them attached to the pump­kins but also added the per­fect fin­ish­ing touch.

Roost and Restore - Neutral Scrap Wood Pumpkin

For the final and fin­ish­ing touch­es, attach the stained can­dle hold­ers to the top of the 2x4 blocks to serve as the chunky stem. 

Add raf­fia and green­ery to suite your per­son­al taste. 

Roost and Restore - Neutral Scrap Wood Pumpkin
Roost and Restore - Neutral Scrap Wood Pumpkin

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