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Sweet Southern Sun Tea

Honestly I don’t remember having a whole lotta sun tea growing up. In fact, it was a on going joke that my mom couldn’t make good tea. She always seemed to scald it on the stove and it had a burnt taste. She was even gifted a fancy tea maker one year for Christmas which did help….buuuut when it quit working she all but quit making tea.

I started making tea again about 7 years ago when Josh and I were first married. Tea for this gal is best served cold and sweeeet. Southern style I guess you could say. And my favorite way to brew it is in the sun. Yep, good ole fashioned sunshine. I was first introduced to this concept b y my mother in law who always has a pickle jar full of tea in the fridge. I enjoy making my tea in the morning that way it is ready by mid afternoon, just in time to finish up your mowing and sit to cool down on the porch. Sounds divine doesn’t it? I hope you enjoy this method, I know my family sure loves it.

  • Grab a gallon glass jar, like this one linked HERE. An old pickle jar works perfectly fine, just make sure it’s a glass container for the best flavor.
  • Fill with warm water and and stir in 1-2 cups of sugar, depending on your preferred level of sweetness.
  • Place 4 family sized tea bags, of your choice, in the water, keeping the string hanging over the edge for easy removal. Seal with lid.
  • Place your jar in direct sun for a few hours until seeped. Don’t let it sit all day, or it will sour. I’ve found the 3-4 hour mark makes the perfect brew.
  • Serve over ice, infuse wth fresh lemon or other fruits as desired.

Your tea will look a lot like this right after prepping.

This is what it looked like about 3-5 minutes after sitting in the sunshine.

This is how dark my tea became after about 3 hours in the sun on 60 degree afternoon.



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